Spray Tanning

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know that “looking tan” is the hottest accessory you can own right now.

And for good reason, just about everyone looks a lot better when then have a little color.

And because we now know that baking in the sun all day is really bad for our skin, tons of people are turning to spray tanning to get that beautiful bronze glow.

What is a Spray Tan? Spray tanning is a form of self tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body.



Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from an airbrush tan?
You can expect instant color that will develop and process over the course of 8 hours.  This color will last approximately 5-10 days depending on how often you exfoliate and how well moisturized your skin is.

How do I prepare for an airbrush tanning session?
Exfoliate and shave the day before.  Do not use any creams or heavy moisturizers the day of your spray tan.

What should I wear to my airbrush tanning session?
Avoid heavy clothing that rubs on the skin.  Try to stick to light clothing that doesn’t cling.

Will it stain my clothing?
No, if any product rubs off onto your clothing it will wash out.

If I don’t tan in the sun, will I be able to see color with the airbrush tan?
Yes, when sunbathing, the skin actually changes color as a defensive mechanism to protect itself from damage.  With airbrush tanning, the product itself oxidizes and produces the color you see.

I freckle in the sun, will airbrush tanning cause freckling?
No, airbrush tanning will produce an even color all over, however; if you already have freckling it will darken those spots as well as the lighter skin.  It will not cover freckling.

How do I preserve my airbrush tan?
Do not heavily exfoliate and use a moisturizer daily.

How often can I get airbrushed?
Every five days to once a week is recommended.  Any more than this and the tanning solution can build up in the skin and create a patchy appearance as it wears.

How long do I have to wait before I shower?
8 hours

What is the difference between a spray tan in a booth and an airbrush tan?
A spray tan in a booth is a machine, it cannot see where product drips, where it missed a spot, nor can it fix any mistakes it makes.  An airbrush tan is done by a technician who will customize the tan for you.  Everything is controlled from drips and shaded spots to the depth and darkness of the tan.

What is the difference between tanning in a UV bed and airbrush tanning?
UV beds are very harmful to your skin, they have been proven to increase the risk of skin cancer and speeds the aging process causing sunspots, early signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and rougher skin texture the “leather couch look”.  The damage these beds do is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive to reverse.  Sometimes the damage is irreversible.  Airbrush tanning is safe, risk free, and is designed to enhance your appearance without side effects.