Body Treatments

Lavender Salt Scrub 

Polishing your body never felt so good. Reveal soft radiant skin with five invigorating blends of sea salt and pure, mineral rich Dead Sea Salt. This scrub gently smooths away dryness and gives your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Finished with a light massage and a moisturizing lotion leaving you with extremely silky smooth skin.  45 minute treatment.

Coconut Crush Sugar Scrub

This scrub features the tropical scent of coconuts. Natural exfoliants, such as coconut shell powder, makes for the ultimate body polish, while pure cane sugar and nature’s gentle buffers moisturize, eliminating dry skin. With a rich, buttery feel, it can help keep skin looking radiant, soft, and silky smooth.

Eucalyptus Stress and Sinus Relief Treatment

Highly aromatic eucalyptus oil enhances a stress relieving neck and shoulder massage while a pressure point massage focusing on the face and scalp provides immediate relief for anyone who suffers from sinus congestion, headaches, and stress.  The 50 minute version includes a soothing massage of hands and feet.